We have noticed many companies have received a lower amount of data subject access requests then anticipated. We therefore offer a very simple basic package fulfilling the requirements of the GDPR at a very low price. This package is based on a hourly fee of €50,- (excl. tax). Because of our minimum of 10 hours per year this brings the price to   €500,-  Annually excl. tax (currently €605,- incl. tax ).

Receiving requests & Identification:
The above will include a landing page on our website with a contact form for Data Subject Requests. The requests can be either send directly to one of your own mailboxes, or our GDPR representatives can screen the request. This could include verifying the validity of the request and identity of the subject.

The above mentioned contact form looks similar to our own contact page. Fast, Simple and Secure with some basic branding;

Responding to requests:
Once a request has been received we can help you formulate the response or depending on the arrangements made we can simply forward the reply after our review. You can send the reply to a dedicated email address of ours where we will review, and forward the reply to the data subject.

Please contact us via our contact form or direct email.