Security Consulting

We are able to offer consultancy and interim services for a wide variety of Information Security topics. Because our consultants having successfully been responsible and audited for ISO:27001 and PCI:DSS compliance we know what it takes to become certified.

Information Security Management Advisory

However we can go much further in helping you with the implementation of methods that fit you security mission. Whether it is the most cost effective way of reducing your risk. With or without calculating the potential damages to your core operations and brand name. Or ways to mitigate as much risk as possible within a certain budget. As a Result we are proud to be able to provide you with our flexibility to adjust to your organisation’s culture and particular information Security needs!

Security Operations Center(SOC):

With previous work experience and training with Security Incident Event Management (SIEM) and the creation of its dashboards, and consequently with incident investigations. Above all we know what is important in SOC SIEM. Hence we can help you understand what data you need, how to use it support the following and more;

      • Much Faster Incident Response
      • Preventative Alerting of your users
      • Easier Compliance & Control of your infrastructure
      • Reporting on unwanted employee behaviour
      • Providing high level Management Information Dashboards

Information Security Risk Management Frameworks:

Finally we think Risk and if you are looking to completely overhaul a current security management setup that is outdated or created by a predecessor. Which maybe doesn’t work, then we do like to help you to;
create, implement and document your mission, policies, procedures, requirements and internal auditing. Covering the full Plan, Do, Check, Act Cycle, and making it a breeze to implement, control and show your compliance to your legal, and Information Security Certification requirements.